Sign up to pay me?!

Recently Revolut changed how top up links work. I requested money from a housemate to pay some bills and now it seems like they must sign up to send me the money. Why is this? They used to just be able to pay me by putting their payment details in.

Most logical explanation is that Revolut wants more users (bigger userbase) :crazy_face:

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We ended up just using something else to get it paid. lol


Sometimes is not working

Top up are not the same as getting paid!!
I don’t believe you are even legally allowed to top up from a card that is not a part of your property…
They probably check if the name on the card is the same as the name on the account and only allow it if it is the same.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Previously, when I wanted someone to pay me, I provided them with a payment link. These reflect on my statement as a “top up” (because that’s exactly what they are…). I am unaware of any reason in law that someone would not be permitted to pay me by card, but permitted by bank transfer.

It literally says on the help pages that Revolut advises against using other people’s cards to top up your balance. Law requires you to have permission of the owner of the card which later can cause problems if the person decides that they did not give you permission which is a problem to Revolut since they will have to give the money back, just a bunch of legal sh!t to deal with. It’s easier to just allow top ups for cards in your name only.
Source: Adding money | Revolut

So even using someone else’s card with permission is a violation of that card’s terms. In that case, the cardholder is liable for any charges you make.

Source: Using Someone Else's Credit Card: Is It Illegal?

Also, read this: Using Somebody Else's Debit or Credit Card—Legal Issues

That’s referring to the top up feature in the account. This is not the same as requesting payment within the app. Please, look at the app. You are talking without familiarising yourself with what exactly I am referring to, and it’s silly.

After playing around with this some more, it seems that it only does it for requests in excess of £250 (which makes sense, since that’s often times a limit set on cards).

@krisknez this is what I am referring to:

This is designed so that you can let others pay you (also known as “topping up”).

Payment link for £500, which shows the “issue” I reported:

Seems fine. I had just requested too much money.

what kind of limit are you referring to here?
To be honest, the £250 limit does not make sense to me.

A lot of banks will set a limit of around £250 for an individual payment online unless you give notice by calling them. This helps prevent fraud. I guess this is what Revolut is trying to avoid, by making them sign up and send money through Revolut itself instead.

That’s a bit too general as it seems to be country specific.
E.g. No bank I know in Switzerland has such a low limit.

Well I’m talking GBP, so that only refers to UK banks. I don’t know if this is an issue in other countries when requesting money.

I received once 450 CAD with link request :smiley: Which is little above 250 pounds.

But the problem, the “sign up” appears quite frequently with no reasons. For amounts of 20 EUR too.

And what I’ve discovered, I guess last time when i got the 450 CAD, was that the web version was doomed by default. Not working at all with any amount in any currency. The mobile one did the job.

Could just be dependant on the currency requested.

I’ve heard before the limit was 200 eur. But I tried and it worked with more.
But seems it worked. I had to do some shopping for a friend in Japan then return with cool geek things to Canada :joy:

Tried 400 eur now. It asks me to join.

What if I split 2 payments of 200 :joy: :joy:

Can you do 250EUR? How about 251EUR?

is this “link request” feature standart offer in UK for all mainstream banks? In Latvia nobody offers this, except 1 local bank who offers this only for legal persons (shops, etc).

No, this is only on Revolut as far as I’m aware.