Sign-up issue Latvia

Hi, I am trying to sign up with you guys but once I download the app and click on “sign up”, it asks me for my phone number. I type it in (a Latvian one) and get redirected to type in a 6-digit code. It does not arrive via SMS but I can receive it via the call option. Once that is done, it asks me to type in a passcode, which I do not have. When I click on “forgot your passcode?” it says “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. Any help?
I tried to create an account via the website after it did not work, with my email verified. But when I select it as an option to receive a code or for the “forgot passcode” option, nothing arrives…
Any help would be appreciated.


Hello @AlexSpex Welcome to the community. :wave:

I understand this can be frustrating. Have you tried following the basic troubleshooting steps? :arrow_double_down:

  1. Make sure your Revolut app is updated to the latest version available
  2. Clear the device’s cache: iPhone: Settings > General > iPhone storage >
    Search for the Revolut app > Click in on "Offload app/clear cache;
    Android: Settings > Apps > Search for the Revolut app > Click on the app >
    Tap on Storage > Clear cache.
  3. “Kill” the app (close it completely from the app switcher)
  4. Reboot your device (turn on and off)
  5. Try with both Wi-Fi and mobile data - ensuring that network connection is strong and stable
  6. Use an alternative device (if possible)

Let me know if this works. :pray:

Veda | Community team

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