Sign in with touch ID bug on iOS 11 beta 4



I activated sign in With touch ID but it has some problems.
First, the app doesn’t always ask for touch ID when I open it, making it vulnerable to others see what I have and even use it to purchases maybe.
Second, when It asks for touch ID and I cancel, it doesn’t ask for pin, it is like I have entered the pin (which is a huge deal…).

Thank you,
Pedro Silva


Had the same on ios 11 dev beta 5 it isnt that


Is the problem for all iOS versions, or for all iOS 11 versions?


I had this problem from ios 11 dev beta 2 until dev beta 4 in the dev beta 5 the problem doesnt exist (for me)

What beta are uou using public beta or dev beta?


OK thanks, will wait for public beta 5. Thanks


I hope that revolut add a timer from unlock the app to a needed reentee of touch id or pin. Because if i want type a card number i need always unlock it again.
Like ebanking you have the choose of 5 10 15 30 minutes until you got logged out automatic

Try to disable and enable touch id in the app and change passcode it helps me on dev beta 4 (most time in day)

Hope my answers were helpful for you?


Yes @Myabou, thank you, will try and test if it works correctly!
Best Regards,
Pedro Silva