show Vault totals on accounts page

When looking at the home / accounts page at the various Cash Balances it’s kind of weird that Cash stored in Vaults is not visible there. In fact the only way I can find out how much USD or GBP I’ve got is to go to Wealth/Vaults and write down the totals, then add them mentally to totals displayed on the Accounts page!

SUGGESTION: somehow include the vault totals on the Accounts List of the Home Page of the App. Perhaps by putting the total of the GBP vaults next to the total of the GBP accounts, but in a different colour. And then giving the grand total at the top to reflect the total cash that the user has with Revolut.


I’m not sure if I agree in the supposed way you gave to show it, but I agree we need to be able to have an entire overview of our currency holdings without having to go and add vault counts up

Agreed. And on a day to day basis, if there’s not enough EUR in an account it’s silly to have to go elsewhere to be able to see if there’s EUR in a vault and then, if not, navigate once again to find USD to convert instead.

Maybe we should have all the separate tabs as we have today, but all in the HOME view, and a “total assets view” , as an extra tab? we need to be able to re arrange the tabs as we please though, otherwise it’ll be a pain🤔

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