Show other currency amounts when topping up


Maybe I’m missing something, but when I’m topping up using the card currency (EUR) it’s usually to immediately convert to GBP and make a specific purchase.

It would be helpful for me to see the GBP value of the top up while I’m adding EUR so I know how much I should top up by.

For example, if I need GBP 100 on my card, at the moment I have to go to, check the current 100 GBP --> EUR exchange (EUR 117), go back to Revolut and top up by EUR 117.

Revolut has all this information already, and the app could just show it as I’m topping up, so I wouldn’t need to check on before topping up.


Hi @kellyc,

You don’t need to run to just check the live rates on the app before you top up. Go Exchange section, Click ‘Add New Currency’ and select your first currency (e.g. GBP) and then your second Currency (e.g. CAD) to see the exchange rate you would receive for a GBP-CAD transaction for example.


D’oh, didn’t think of doing that when balance is 0! Thanks for the tip