Show MCC code in transaction details

It coud be great to show “MCC code” in every transaction details.
Many traditional banks allows it.
All required info for this functiom is avalable and it is easy to be done.

Also useful “Category” data of MCC codes of every category.

Later may realease search/filter by MCC or even custom category.


@Cho out of curiosity, which traditional banks can show the MCC code?

Banks in my country (Bulgaria).
There is nothing to hide by giving to your clients the info you already have in order to help them to check and plan their budgets better.

True. But I guess that most people don’t know about MCC and wouldn’t know how to use it.

The most people do not know how car engine works but they drives cars, or how card transactions (authorisation, clearance, refund …) works but they pay with cards.

So if needed and wanted they will learn it.

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