show card spending limits / spent in card list

I try to keep my card limits modest as a protection in case of some kind of fraud. But frequently have no idea how much I’ve spent and so get caught out. It would be great if, when one clicks on the “Cards” tab and see your list of cards, one could see next to them the “Spending limit” (a number like “2000”) and then a little Pie Chart (for example) showing what proportion of the limit has been spent already this month. And or a “400 remaining” text. (These are just ideas to communicate the essence of the suggestion.) Then, at a glance, it would be possible to verify there’s enough limit on a card before a big purchase or whether it’s necessary to click into it to raise it, or pick another card.


@r1234 Hello, Welcome back. :heart_eyes:

Great suggestion! We’ll pass this idea to our product team for consideration. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

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