Shout-out to AndreasK


So here is the thing: as a lot of Revolut users these days, I had some unresolved issue on which support was sitting for weeks. When you have no response and FUD is starting to grow it is very relieving to have one guy who always replies in a reasonable time to you here or on Twitter or I guess on FB as well.

Huge thanks to @AndreasK for his work here!

Keep this thread alive so he can receive a raise, a premium or at least a “good job” handshake from his boss.

Since Andreas is in first line support and he’s forwarding more complex cases to specific support teams, I also have to mention Wanda from support, who finally “sat down” with me after two weeks of mixed feelings and got my case resolved in like 30 minutes.

Overall I had a very good experience with support in the past since they were very responsive and friendly. And I didn’t have to contact them much because Revolut is working fine, so keep up the good work - and hire some more guys for support is you’re short on them! :slight_smile:


In all seriousness, he does a terrific job :smile::confetti_ball:


Agreed, he does an outstanding job!
Without him, many customers and their queries would remain unsolved!

Hope revoluts echelon knows what they owe him!


Thank you for this shout-out! Much appreciated. :relaxed:

Always be here for you whatever you may need. :love_you_gesture::muscle:


I am trying to get a response on the support chat for 14 hrs, please could someone help me ?


Sure. Could you please send me a direct message with a little more info?


I am struggling to figure out how to send a DM ?


Go on my profile -> Messages.