Should I stay or should I go?

Well, now I’ve been with Revolut Business for almost 2 and a half years, most of the things I was expecting from this service just haven’t materialised, and no one is providing updates either.

I’ve now been sent an email from PayPal saying they are offering a Business Debit card which, not only has 0% exchange fees and no monthly charges, but they’ll even pay out 0.5% cashback on all business transactions for an unlimited amount! I even discovered that, while they use the MasterCard exchange rate, at weekends Revolut adds additional charges making it worse off in most cases.

Additionally, I’ve since obtained a transferwise account for USD bank details, something I was hoping Revolut would eventually provide but has not.

So why am I paying monthly for a service that others are willing to PAY ME to use? I’ll sacrifice the virtual cards sure… but was it really that essential anyway? ;s


thanks a lot for the pointer, I haven’t received their mail yet but google helped and the business debit card is on its way!

As I’ve mentioned before Revolut’s business cards are a wasted opportunity and I don’t use them at all.
Because it’s SHA and not OUR I can’t use Revolut for paying bills either.
My key reason to stay is 0% FX on weekdays for £25/pm to exchange the currency I receive, and additionally the multicurrency virtual IBAN that allows me to receive SWIFT payments from more countries than transferwise.

But I agree it’s a very hard choice to stay with :r: despite their inability to deliver a well-wrapped product.