Should I change the currency when abroad?

Hey guys, I am from France and I will be travelling to UK next week. Currently I have only euros on my account. What is the best to do when I’ll be using my card in UK? Like if I just have euros and withdraw money or pay, will Revolut charge a fee for changing the currency to pounds or just make the conversion according to the current values?
Or should I change some of my euros to pounds on the app? For me changing euros to pounds is just a bet that pounds will be stronger in the future so I will have more money, am I right?
Thanks for your advice!

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Hi! :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, they don’t have fees, and if you pay in the UK while having only Euros, they will just convert directly, without fees.
One exception: during the weekend they apply an extra 0.5% mark up, which means it’s better if you don’t let them convert money for you. (more details here:énéficierai-je-)

If you want to be safe, do a rough estimation on how much you’re going to use, and simply convert from Euros to Pounds before your trip, so that Revolut takes Pounds directly.
The GBP/EUR rate doesn’t change much, it’s been hovering around 1.12/1.13 recently, so your “bet” isn’t very risky :wink:

Personally, I only do this if I plan on spending large amounts during the weekend, I don’t like to bother too much to save less than £1. Up to you :slight_smile:

Enjoy your trip!

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It doesn’t really matter which you do no fee for either transaction. You’ll know exactly how many pounds you have if you do the conversion. Rates fluctuate. Buy high sell low.

For some currencies like Russian Ruble and Thai Baht they apply a 1.5% markup during the weekend, it could add up if someone were to spend a lot during weekends.
It’s only 1% on most currencies though, and 0.5% on major currencies ($, £, €), so it’s better.

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Thanks Quentinb for your clear answer!
Have a great day :wink:

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