Short lived cards


In Portugal, the main interbank agency manages a service for secure online payments, where it issues a short lived credit card and with a limited amount of cash on it.
It’s called

I would like to propose revolut a similar system.
Besides the persistent virtual card, users would be able to issue other virtual cards with a one month validity date, and set the maximum amount they could pay (taken from the user revolut cash account).
That would allow for even more secure online payments.

Please let me know if this is something you are interested or ask further questions.

Many thanks.


Hi @FernandoMiguel,

Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment we provide only one virtual card/physical card per account. However, we’ll take your suggestion into consideration.


On another post there was an image of the 6-18 months roadmap, and it seemed to suggest multiple cards in the 6 months.
but adding this feature of short lived and vendor specific would be very nice for secure online shopping


I’d like to see this, as a temporary second virtual card on my account. Maybe it could be set with a limit and also to auto-block (or delete?) after one use or when it reaches the limit.

That would be perfect for extra security.