Shockingly bad Support and Verification Process!


My verification process is stuck in Pending since last week and i keep getting verification emails which ask me to upload documents by clicking on the link however the link takes me to a page which says " You dont have access", have tried to approach Support built into the app, the first gentleman asked me to upload the documents within that which i did and said he was going to escalate, however that escalation has not gone through till date. i have tried accessing the support numerous times and each time someone comes they repeat the same thing and then disappear.

really dissapointed and would like my money back if possible?


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that. We can see that an agent responded to your query via chat - are you not able to see the message?


No they have not “responded” all they do is ask me to wait while a “specific” team/“escalation” will look into the matter

happy to provide you with the snapshots of the discussion









What a shame issue is still not resolved… please refund me my money and I will be on my way


Try to type: Live agent
That will take you to real person.


as you can see from the snapshots I was talking to the so called “Live Agents”


Write Revolut staff (2nd post this thread) a private message.


Sorry I didn’t follow Frank, can you please elaborate :confused:


@AndreasK responded to your 1st post here. I suggested to write him a message. He’s Revolut staff.


Hi I am facing th same issue, it has been over 24hrs and no response in the chat what so ever… Can someone please help me?

Sorry for hijacking this thread


Thanks Frank, thats a good idea :slight_smile:

BTW pardon my naivety, but how do you PM somebody on this community, i cant seem to find the option anywhere


Malikm: i spoke to one of the more sensible live agents yesterday and according to him it may take up to 2 days for the response due to high volume and during these 2 days do not try to call RITA (their support bot) within their support app as that resets your position in the escalation queue… now why do they need an escalation for verification process is still a mystery…


ID verification is automated and works in many cases in 10 minutes. Only if documents uploaded can’t be read, are blurry, badly lit, cropped, altered in Photoshop, not genuine photos but screenshots, … they have do do it manually.