Shocking level of customer service and still no resolution


Card was used fraudulently 11th & 13th February in Goa, India and advised to cancel that card and a new one would be sent out within a few days.
Tried to order new card via app but didn’t work after waiting 2 days for it to progress.
Advised manual order would be done, waited another 3 days for it to progress but nothing done.
Only then advised Myanmar not supported country after around a week of trying to get new card.
Had to re-activate old card as no other means of funds and advised would order when in Thailand.
Tried to order new card via app but didn’t work after waiting 2 days for it to progress as now had an address in Thailand from 28th – 6th March that I could use. Delivery fee refunded.
Was told various stories by agents that it would either arrive on schedule or it hadn’t even been sent
After 2 days, was told an issue with the address and it wasn’t being sent at all.
Had to re-active old card again so was able to withdraw funds before removing that card again.
Advised to try another manual order and did a new order via app with different address format as requested by another agent. Delivery fee still not been refunded!
This is at least the 5th attempt of getting a new card out to me, it never updates on the app and never appears with a tracking number.
Keep getting told different stories, being fobbed off by different agents and no one is taking ownership of this issue.
3 weeks later and still no sign of a new card yet, and with windows to get a new card sent out minimal, it’s beyond useless that they can’t provide the service they advertise especially when the card is aimed at travelling making things easy!


Agent Dominik is now trying to tell me you cant deliver cards within 3 days despite it stating on your website

Where can I get my Revolut card delivered via Express Delivery?
If you need your card in a hurry, or you misplace your card whilst you’re travelling, you can use our Global Express Delivery service to get your card really fast!

We can send a card via recorded delivery to the following countries in 1-3 working days:

Thailand is listed there!

Express Delivery


Hi @paultrademark.

First, I would like to express my apologies for the inconvenience caused in this situation. That is not the customer support we strive to provide. Allow me to clarify, it’s possible to get your card to Thailand in 1-3 working days, as stated on our FAQ.

Further, we have refunded you the delivery costs and provided you with the tracking number for the new card. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.


Yes eventually after having to speak to you guys so many times about this one issue.
Indeed the card I put through for processing via the app is apparently out for delivery today as just got a text from DHL, which did have an expected delivery of the 5th March.

Further to that, it looks like the card that was created manually by your team has also been posted too with expected delivery of the 7th March (after I leave here).
Why do the tracking numbers not show for either of those in the app?
Do you have the tracking number for the card ending 6068?

If both arrive before I leave here on the 6th then great, I’ll keep both. But if one doesn’t arrive then it’s not that important but I shouldn’t have to pay the 2nd card fee I was charged either.


Why do you still want a card?

Take your money out while you can and run from these fraudsters.


As I am currently travelling SE Asia for 12 months, it’s not going to be easy to get another good card for travelling till am back in the UK.

1 card did arrive today, it’s only taken 3 weeks. The 2nd one they ordered manually still hasn’t left according to DHL tracker and won’t arrive till after I leave this hotel… yet I’ve been charged for it!