shared wallet with a partner


Me and my boyfriend want to set up a common wallet that we can regularly top up and use to pay for common stuff. Would be great to make it possible with the app to set up a common wallet or a shared account with two cards that are tied to the same account.



Hi @esalamandic,

That would be nice. Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it on board.


Andreas K.


Any news about this?

This is currently what I’m doing at my own bank, but it’s quite expense to have an extra shared account with 2 cards. As soon as this is possible with Revolut, I’m switching over :slight_smile:


Yes, have a look at Simple’s implementation of shared accounts. :wink:


That would be awesome and super useful. +1! :100:


Are there news on that? Exatly what I am looking for too! Cheers


Could you not just order a second card on the same account?


Yes, but then either she or me (depending on whom the account was done) got no possibility to check the balance on the account.


Why? Revolut app can be installed on two devices.


What about legal matters?

If both names are on the account the money should be divided in half in case of a separation but if only one is account holder?

I can fully see why some people ask for this feature. The better way to do it though is to each have a :r: account since transfers within revolut are instant.


Yes, of course, but there is no insight into the account of the other…


I mean connecting two different devices to one Revolut account. You can see the status on any of them :-).


Oh cool, and you can also order 2 physical cards on the same account?

I wonder if that goes for premium as well? Two physical cards on a single Premium account?


That is correct. Every account can have two physical cards (premium or not).