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I appreciate your answer Frank. Adding money from your personal account to your pro account works fine. But what about if I want to to add money from my business account to my personal account. There is no such option… How can I go about this ? For example, I cannot make financial investments from my pro account. So I would need to transfer some of my freelance business earnings into my personal account. But this does not seem to be possible…

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You can always make a bank transfer between your business and your personal accounts.

(I am aware that you’re looking for a more convenient option. But as I said, the super easy way is an exclusive feature of the Pro account. Business accounts and Pro accounts have different features, and this is one of them. Based on your initial response, it seemed you weren’t aware of these distinctively different accounts Revolut offers. As a freelancer, you can chose between Pro or Business, whatever suits your needs better.)

Thank you Frank. on revolut pro, the bank transfer from Pro → Personal does not work. However, after getting some help for the revolut team, you can withdraw the money from you Pro account and this goes straight into your personal acount. How to do it: Home Screen → Account Switcher → Revolut Pro → More → Withdraw option → Add amount you want to withdraw → Select currency account → Funds will be withdrawn.

Yes. Correct.

You described how to transfer money instantly between Pro and your personal main account.

I understand you didn’t find the “Withdrawal” option.

You referred to a business account, which in Revolut’s world is a different app. I would have mentioned the “Withdrawal” function if you would have said you don’t know how to transfer money from Pro to your personal account.

I am happy you figured it out.


I would love to have:

1- Scheduled payments from revolut pro to my other revolut accounts, to revolut users and external banks with iban

2- Automation rules (f.i to move 10% of each incoming payment to a pocket)

3- Pocket dedicated to Pro

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Hello @Bob1 :wave:,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for sharing these feedbacks with us. Please stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to view the Pro account balance from the Web UI.

It’d be nice if that were made possible


In the meantime: you can use any third party app that supports open banking / PDS2 APIs to access the transaction data of your Pro account.

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Hello @stormy Welcome to the community. :wave:

We understand the convenience of seeing both balances in one place. While it’s not available on web UI yet, stay tuned for future updates! We’re constantly evaluating new features.

Thank you @Frank for the workaround. :star2:

Veda | Community team