Shameless margin on crypto! Feeling robbed!


So I bought 5000e of ether and 5000of litecoin. I checked the price on and I felt it was a decent price. It was written there is no fees.

Guess what! The buying price is good but the sell price is terrible!!! Like 5% below market price!
So instantly I lost like over 500euros!
I can’t believe revolut would do us like that! If u say no fees then make it no fees. This is so obviously designed to screw us. And we can only sell it back to you as we can’t transfer those crypto to our personal wallet.

What is the point of this if not make you the only winner in here?
Now I need to wait those crypto to go up 5% to eventually see some gain.



Have you read this?


Of course not lol :laughing:

@Nono62 there’s a fee and everyone knows about it.

Bt is around 3% as I remember.


1.5% flat fee. So it will be 3% total if he buys and sells right away.