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On August 23 I totally discovered by chance that my IBAN changed LT> GB.
So I’m going to see my employer to tell him to use the new IBAN to pay my salary.

My employer replied that the payment of the month of August had already been programmed with the bank by the accountant before his departure on vacation.

I contact REVOLUT to ask if I can still use the IBAN LT … LUkasz asks me when the transfer will be made, I reply that it will be done on the 28th. He confirms then that my employer can use my IBAN LT for the transfer on 28 August.

Not seeing the money arrive on my account, I contact my employer to find out if the transfer is made. He checks and calls me to tell me that the transfer has been rejected!

The accountant is on vacation, so my employer will have to contact his bank to make the necessary changes what will be charged to him!

Really not serious to change the IBAN without even notifying customers!
Really not serious to announce that the IBAN LT can contibue to be used when it is not the case!

I’m really nervous!

And then I just contact REVOLUT again …
They reply: “Sorry we have a problem with the IBAN”

Meanwhile, I have no more money on my count!