Several weeks to set up is not acceptable

Nor not being told before paying my fee, nor not answering to my messages.

I’m expecting money back.

I have been a happy client of personal Revolut for quite some time now and I would expect something better from this. I understand the waiting list, but it’s not fair that you didn’t declare it before. I cannot wait for weeks to be set up in my current situation and I’ll have to look for a bank that can onboard me immediately. Please get in touch with me asap. Thank you.

Hello @sara.c !

I have just checked progress of your application and our onboarding team member is with you already, reviewing your submission.
To clarify Revolut for Business fee schedule, there was no fee taken at all at this point as your account is not yet active! We will let you know when the account is ready to use. From there, you will have 14 days of trial to try our service and first fee will commence only after that period, not earlier.

Hope it is clear now!

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