Several questions

Hi been using the app for a while now and do genuinely love it and recommend it constantly to people

Now I have some questions that have been playing on my mind as I have dabbled with BTC recently

I have been transferring money in and out of my bank account to coinbase/others etc - Would my life be easier to just upgrade to premium? and more importantly ‘would it save me money to upgrade’ if i plan to move money around accounts

I will happily upgrade if it makes my life easier

What are the pro’s and cons of buying bitcoin directly from yourselves? can it be moved ‘quickly’ to GDAX for example?

Basically will it be cost effective to buy BTC directly?

Not sure what you mean by ‘make life easier’ by upgrading to Premium.

If you mean KYC/unverified limits will be loosened by upgrading to Premium (e.g. The equivalent of ‘paying a bribe to get the officer to look the other way’.), no. The need to verify source of funds (hence account-specific top-up limit) is to protect the integrity of the global financial system.

If you’re just talking about early access to the :R: cryptocurrencies function, then maybe: My understanding is that the public roll-out of the :R: cryptocurrencies feature is happening very soon.

Wow talk about add 2 and 2…

What I meant was will it save me money, will it make transfers easier etc

No. Unless you need a premium design card or change it frequently (or need it shipped fast).

Ok got it thanks - 20 characters