Several ideas to further improve the experience

I used Revolut for almost a year now as my main card at home and abroad. During that time I’ve used the card in Japan, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Cook Islands, Netherlands, Latvia and my home country Switzerland. So I think I can call myself an experienced user. Here are my thoughts on how the experience could be even more improved:

Money requests
I’m using money requests quite often to get money from my father after I’ve booked (and paid for) his flights. He almost never noticed that there have been some requests. So I’d suggest that those requests are more obtrusive as long as people haven’t answered the request. There should be a red (1) on the app and also the request should be on top and more visible and not just disappear after a while. Also for me as the requester it would be good to get a reminder if someone still did not answer my money request after a while. Today it just expires quietly and it gets forgotten very easily.

Block being charged for certain currencies
I’m not sure if that’s technically possible. But it would be nice to be able to block being charged from several currency wallets. For example: When I arrived in New Zealand, I did withdraw money from an ATM at the airport. The ATM asked if it can do the conversion for me to GBP which I obviously declined. However, after declining that transaction, the amount converted the NZD to USD and charged my USD wallet. Which actually doesn’t make any sense at all. To avoid such things, it would be good to be able block some wallets from being charged from so that when you’re traveling, you can have only the local currency active.

Cache last exchange rate for offline use
I like that there is the possibility to quickly see how much a certain amount in NZD is in CHF and so on. Unfortunately this doesn’t work without internet connection. (Which can happen while traveling abroad…) For such cases it would be nice if the app caches the last exchange rate so that you still have an estimation if you wonder how much that the meal in that nice restaurant costs you in your home currency. Probably makes sense to add a message that you’re offline and the rate may have changed in the meantime. :wink:

Make weekend charges more transparent
As we know, Revolut uses the interbank exchange rate and since banks are closed on weekends/holidays there has to be a fee added to that exchange rate during those days. However, I would appreciate if this would be visible more transparent so that people know they are exchanging during this off-hours and they’re paying more than if they wait for monday. At the moment, it is not visible at all and just hidden in the exchange rate which is what we know from regular banks so transparency here would be appreciated.

Mark a transaction as splitted
I used the split transaction quite often to split the for example hotel charges with my girlfriend. When you’re on the road for a month there are quite a lot of charges and it can be difficult to remember which charges have been split already and which haven’t. For that reason it would be nice if you could see in the transaction itself (once you click on it) if the amount has already been split with somebody.

Limit reset date
It would be very useful to see in the settings page at which date the limit counter for free ATM withdrawals, exchanges and even the yearly limit gets reset. This helps a lot with planning your expenses and we wouldn’t have to ask the chat support to help finding it out for us.

Amount limit
It is useful to be able to set a monthly limit per card. But since we don’t see when this monthly limit gets reset, the card is open for high charges as soon as the limit gets reset. Therefore it would also be good to be able to set a total amount limit for each card. For example my virtual card can only be charged with amounts lower than 100$.

Contract with local bank for ATM withdrawals
I have no idea if this is even possible. But if the Revolut card should replace the bank card completely, there has to be a way to withdraw more than 200$ for free at home. I know that this is expensive for Revolut so I thought maybe Revolut could negotiate a contract with a local bank in order to get free withdrawals on their ATMs. This could obviously also be just a premium feature after all since the contract would cost some money as well.

I would prefer the category “hotels” and “flights” rather than just “travel” that would give you a nicer overview how much which part of the trip costs you in the end. Also maybe it would be useful to be able to assign transactions to a trip. So let’s say you’re going to an Italy trip, you can create this trip and assign transactions to it so you have an overview of the total cots of that trip.

That’s it for now. Let me know your thoughts …


Very well written. I agree with all of the above :+1:t2:

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This is a great idea! :heart_eyes: Also if we could get more options under analytics, this month, this year, all time.

Let me add some more things to my wishlist:

Enabling more than 2 physical cards
I have no idea why there is a limit of 2 physical cards, but its kind of annoying that I cannot order any more physical cards as I’d like to have one of each available cards: Visa / Master / Maestro

Being able to select which card you want to get
I’m not sure if this is already possible in some countries. As far as I know the first Revolut cards were Mastercards and now new cards are Visa cards. I think it would be great if you could actually select whether you want to order a Visa/Master/Maestro (for the countries where it’s available) or even all of them.

"Real" Creditcard
Sometimes it is required to use a “real” creditcard instead of a debitcard. For example to rent a car or to buy tickets at seatgeek or whatnot. This creditcard can in my opinion still be technically a prepaid card as the limit you^d have on the card would be your actual balance (or a lower manually set amount). So that Revolut doesn’t have to actually give users a loan and put money on risk for that. But it’d be important that the card is issued as a creditcard and recognized as such by the merchants.

This would not be allowed under EU regulation, I guess. Newly issued cards need to be properly labeled. With credit cards, it’s more about potential future payments / offline payments. Prepaid always needs online authorization.

This is already somewhat possible: wallets can be deactivated – unless it is the base currency. Swipe left on the list of wallets.

(This won’t protect from DCC, though. For DCC protection, a payment in a certain currency needs to be declined, that‘s a different story.)

I understand this is what the OP wanted to refer to.

And I’d be strongly in favour of such a feature. Blocking charges in certain currencies could help avoiding the DCC rip-off. :+1:

@anon33247966, could you bring that forward within Revolut?

Have a look here.

Now Revolut just needs to implement it :wink: