Setup Query?

I am a UK Citizen and have a UK mobile number, however I am travelling in Canada at the moment for a few months, can I set up the app with my UK number but use it on my Canadian phone?

Yes but you need to keep in mind that if you log out and need to log back in, you’ll need to receive a SMS message (A numeric code that you need to enter into the Revolut app.).

As long as you don’t log out (Under normal circumstances you don’t log out unless you manually decide to do it, or uninstall the app.).

This might be a challenge as you won’t be able to receive the text message.

Some carriers (Three has have schemes where you can use your existing data plan and your existing number in countries outside the UK (e.g. US, Hong Kong, EU, …).

As long as you can receive inbound SMS messages (Revolut --Verification code–> Your phone.), that’ll be fine.