Setting up my Revolut Business account with iTunes App Store Connect



I’m a developer making my revenue through iTunes App Store Connect. I recently signed up for Revolut Business (since my current bank is too expensive). But I only ended up running into more problems.

Basically I have no idea how to set up the App Store Connect banking details.

Let me walk you through everything the App Store Connect asks me as I try entering new banking information for receiving payments.

1. Bank Country
I suppose this is United Kingdom, so I select it.

2. Sort Code
Then they ask me for Sort Code. I log into my Revolut Business, the only place I can find Sort Code is in my GBP account and Local payments section. But this can’t be it. Because if I enter this Sort Code, App Store Conect detects it as " PREPAY TECHNOLOGIES LTD" bank. Ok, I’m rewinding. They have “Look Up Sort Code” option. So I enter “Bank name contains: Revolut”. I get 2 possible Sort Codes for Revolut bank - 00-99-70 and 00-99-69.
Which one should I take? Revolut support doesn’t know the answer. But 00-99-69 seems correct because my IBAN for any non-local-GBP-payments-account starts with GB32REVO009969. So I select that.

3. Bank Account number and IBAN
Next App Store Connect asks me for these. Arent they synonyms? Apparently not. IBAN is IBAN, but Bank Account Number is, by Apple explanation “An account number can generally be found on your checks or bank statements and must be English letters or numbers only.” . I’m stuck again, but after some research I find out that this Bank Account Number in most cases actually is what follows after the Sort Code in my full IBAN. So my Bank Account Number must be GB32REVO009969XXXXXXXX. So I enter that. I select currency as EUR and fill out the rest of fields like Beneficiary name etc.

I submit the info and it is processed successfully. I send over all the details I have entered to Revolut Support for them to double check and verify. They tell me that these details wont work without explaining why and what is incorrect.

So this is my story. Does anyone have any ideas or tips? Maybe some of you are iTunes developers who have successfully set up your payments with Revolut? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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