Set up touch id fingerprint for Revolut on my Iphone

I had it setup and then i reset my iphone, I do not remember how I set it up before. Can someone help?

Seriously? In the settings menu of the :r: app there is an option “Sign in with Touch ID”. And in iOS there is Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode. What issue exactly do you face?

I have touchID set up on the phone to unlock it… but I cannot find this setting in the Revolut app. I’ll look again

Nope, not found…

In version 7.4 go to the Home screen and in the right of the bottom panel touch the icon on the extreme right. On the next screen touch the wheel icon in the top panel on the right. Scroll down to Sign in with biometrics and move the slider to on.

does not exist… how can i tell which version of revolut i have?

edit, i see, it’s 7.4

Help… no touch iD or biometrics sign in option anywhere. Why is that?

Have you checked your Touch ID configuration? Go to the iOS Settings app, choose the Touch ID & Passcode option, enter your passcode and then:

Click on “Other Apps” option:

And ensure Revolut is enabled (green switch):

This option is not available on my iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 13.5.1). Maybe because of MDM? But touch id works nonetheless in the :r: app.

Once again: “Other Apps” does not exist on my Iphone Using latest IOS 13.5.1

Are you able to use Touch ID to authenticate with any other (non-Apple) apps on your phone?

Well, to unlock the phone, of course, and I just downloaded the Spectrum app, which asked me if i wished to authenticate with fingerprint and i said yes and did that. Other than that, no other app or feature. Perhaps, uninstalling the Revolut app, and then reinstalling it, it will give me that option? Or is that a dangerous move?

Sounds like reinstalling is a good way forward. There’s also the option of switching your phone off and on again (restarting, not just putting it in standby). Maybe iOS is confused?

Hey there - I have the same issue with Touch ID on my iPhone 8 Plus. It’s not recognised in the app.
Is it working on yours now?

Yes, it is. had to uninstall and reinstall the app. But here’s the thing. The first time I uninstalled the app through the normal delete method on my phone, the reinstall did not allow me to use the touch ID. Then I used a 3rd party app called 3utools to do the uninstall the second time. Turns out the app (any app on yr phone) has “data” attached as well. This 3rd party app allowed me to uninstall the app + the data. So it was a real clean uninstall. On the reinstall this time, I immediately received the option to enable the Touch ID.


Many Thanks @bardos! I’ve deleted the app completely (with the data), re-installed and it now works fine.

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I can confirm that deleting the app through iPhone settings – General – storage – selecting the app and choosing delete (this way you delete the app including its data) solved the issue, the option to enable Touch ID reappeared in settings after reinstall.