Set a maximum amount on the Virtual Disposable Card

Like it is possible to set a monthly limit with the other cards, it would be great if it’s possible to set a maximum amount for the next purchase with the Virtual Disposable Card.

Just to be sure that the website will not take more than it should.

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You can already do this: tap your virtual card under the “Cards” tab, tap on “Settings” then “Spending limit”.


Nice. Revolut always thnks ahead and includes all the requires security features. :+1:

I have it for the normal virtual card, not for the disposable virtual card.

Are you sure ?

Ah - you’re quite right - it doesn’t work for the disposable card, only the regular virtual cards. I misread your original post - sorry.

In fairness to :r: the disposable card can only be used the once, so it’s not like multiple retailers / authorisations can be obtained using the one card.

As a virtual disposable card can be used only once there’s no need to such thing as limits… And - at least I think so - if you give your VirtDispo card’s number to any services the fees will not be withdrawn by the provider as there will be no card existing with that number…

Why I would like this limit ? Just in case i’m paying on a website not very sure. I don’t want them to make a payment of 1000€ if I want to buy something who cost 10 €

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It makes sense to set a limit

The better solution world be to enforce 3DS for all and every transaction. That way you always have to and can confirm the amount. No surprise anymore.

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