Set a custom image in pockets

Hello everyone. In the new graphical interface of the app it is no longer possible to select custom images for pockets, but you must necessarily choose one of those preloaded

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Welcome back to our community. Thanks for sharing this with us. Stay tuned. :rocket:

We have launched a feedback form regarding Revolut Community. You can also share your feedback here: Community User Experience Feedback :point_left:

SG | Community Team

Please can we have this back! I loved setting my own images for vaults


Welcome to our community @jamesn97 :wave:. I certainly understand your concern. We have already shared the feedback with our team. Keep exploring our community. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

I’ll hate the fact that we are forced to use standard layout for the pockets. We should atleast have a choise to use standard or image of my own.


Welcome to our community @Sabrine :wave:. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. :pray:

SG | Community Team

Ciao, anch’io non sto volutamente usando la nuova versione dell’app perché ho vari poket con foto personalizzata e perderei tutto nella nuova versione dell’app.
Sarebbe bellissimo se si potesse integrare questa funzione anche nella nuova versione!

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I completely understand your concern @kiadan. Thank you for sharing that with us. Welcome to our community. :hugs:

I would request you to kindly use English here for communicating with everyone as we have different types of people from all over the world. :earth_americas:

SG | Community Team

I use Revolut 10.8 beta 1393. Now you can upload a custom image


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Thank you for sharing this with us. You’re the real MVP! :muscle:

Veda | Community Team

We are thrilled to inform that any account on the home screen can be customized with a custom background image, including custom uploaded pictures now. :partying_face:

Veda | Community team