Service status page


I think creating a permanent service status page on Revolut’s main website is looooong overdue!! It’s simply NOT ACCEPTABLE that users find out there’s been something wrong with Revolut’s system only after a specific action or transaction had failed!

@AndreasK, would you please pass this on to the team?


Hi there. Thank you for your idea :slight_smile:

We’re actually looking into this.


Come on Revolut. You’ve been looking at this for ages now. It’s long overdue. Most of the fintech companies such as Monzo and Curve have done this long ago. It would cut down on a certain amount of support work too!


Well I’d say will take a looong Time. As is not even “soon” like “airports lounges” or “overseas insurance” or “offers” or other things which are “soon” for over a year :joy:

Even “couple of weeks” for crypto turned out in couple of… months, years?

Or Apple Pay.

But there’s a trick. If you hold funds in other currency when trying to exchange to base or any other won’t show the final amount. That means system is down :joy:


Service status page is definitely a must have.

Please host it somewhere else than your regular systems as well (or with at least a failover somewhere else). A multi region AWS vps should do the trick.

Nothing more stupid than a status page going down when other systems are down :wink:


But even if it’s on the same server.

What’s the difference between error 404 not found and a page which says you system is down? :joy:

They both tell you the servers/ system aren’t working haha



Haha, well a 404 ain’t very detailed.

A nice service status page could show us:

  • Payment service status
  • Crypto services status
  • Live Support status
  • :r: for business web access status
  • :r: for business api status

Each time they go down, they credit us with 1000$ each :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If this would be on the same server in the same network, fire the IT Departement Manager


I just noticed Curve does have such status page!


Pretty long time between January and August for a tech business to spin up a simple status page :frowning: