Service is late and useless - can't use my card in TfL and National Railways


Hi, I’m very disappointed with the Revolut Support. Yesterday, I sent a message before end of support working hours, and the agent (Oleksii) got back to me when the working hours were finished, I obviously couldn’t answer him but he closed the chat saying that he hadn’t heard from me “in a little while”. Well, maybe because the app wouldn’t let me answer? As a support agent myself, I think he should know that.

The message I sent yesterday, and for which I didn’t receive ANY support, was: I just tried to use my card on the national rail in London, but it doesn’t work. It didn’t work on buses or tube this week either, and I contacted you for that. I think my card is not working properly, or I’d like to know if it’s a common issue. I don’t think it’s acceptable to wait for hours for support, and when I can talk to someone, I just get told that “everything is fine”.

I see Revolut adverts in the tube in London, so I suppose other people use it, too. Do they also have these problems?

I also paid £5 (€6) for my card, and if I cannot use it as it’s supposed to be used, I think I should receive a replacement or a refund.

I told this exact same to Justyna, who answered me before the free support was over and told me that you need confirmation of declined transactions to replace the card, but this is not possible because it seems like TfL and National Railways don’t recognise it.

Justyna told me this after the free support was over, of course, and closed be chat because I didn’t reply.

I paid for a card that I cannot use at the tube, buses or trains and the support is slow and ultimately useless. I only want to know if other people have this problem, and if I should consider the £5 I paid for the card gone and go to Monzo, that have provided an acceptable service to my fiancée.


If you look at the app what error message you see for the declined transactions?


Nothing, there aren’t really any records, and the TfL readers seem to go crazy when’s I use my Revolut card (red light - green light - red light again). That’s why i would like to know if this is an issue that only affects my card, or if this affects other users too.

If it only affected my card, I’d obviously would like a replacement, but I would understand if this was a common issue.


No problems with bus, Tube or national rail.

The readers tend to be pretty poor for contactless cards, so I usually take it out of the wallet and tap it.


Then it’s definitely a problem with mine, because I don’t have it on my wallet when trying.

Still, the support agents won’t help me and they would even close the chat before providing me with a solution. Disappointing.

I think I’ll just go to Monzo.



That is what I did. I contacted support within free support working hours, but they got back to me after and closed the chat.


Sorry to hear of the delay! Have you made sure you have your contactless payments enabled in the Security settings?


Yes, they are. And they work everywhere except for TfL and National Rail. :frowning:


Hey, I am having the exact same issue. My card seems to break every tube machine i use it on so i always have to by normal tickets. my card works with everything else including contactless in shops and other merchants. i got a new revolut card specifically for the tube and i cant use it and i am actually gutted!
Revolut, please help.