Service chat

Lastest time i get this

Who have this also?

Ok, but i have friday international bank transfer to revolut
They work on sunday?


Watch this

I cant answer, but if i upgrade yes

If you have Revolut Premium, it should be 24/7.

Your original post gave no indication as to whether this was the case.

Okay, there is a chat person to me, but I can not answer because i have no premium
What to do?

My question is, I have make transfer to revolut on Friday through abn amro,
Can I receive it Sunday?

The answer is no. Even if you send it in EUR using SEPA it will take 1-3 days to arrive and be credited on your account. If you send GBP from UK or from Lloyds (same bank) depends on the time you sent it might arrive same day.

Hello. I cannot acces my revolut app. How can i unblock it?

Hello and sorry for the inconvenience I face a problem I have the card blocked for a week an agent came in I gave all the required details and then they didn’t give any sign in the middle of the pandemic I keep my card blocked I have small children I have rent to pay