Seriously, this long

I have added a card to my account and then verified the card yet my account is still locked.

It says to contact support, ok., no problem

Now it is saying you are busy and to wait, guess how long, FOUR HOURS.

Thats got to be a joke, right?

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I have same types of complains , they ignoring clients. Looks like it is all automated and they dont expect clients to ask questions. I am ignored on chat, and it is says live means someone should be there.;

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May I ask what the point of complaining is? If you dont like a service, dont use it. It is as simple as that.

Providing constructive criticism and some ideas and suggestions, is certainly welcome. These “outrages” on the other hand are relatively useless.

You are ignored on the chat? Did you request a “live agent” in the first place?

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Hang on one second. Are you sating 4 hours wait is acceptable? Did you actually take 2 mins to read my post?

I was asked to contact support on the app, so I did, it then said the automated agent couldnt deal so passed onto a live agent AND THEN WAIT FOUR HOURS

How else would you like me to put it. I cant help BUT use the live chat as I have ÂŁ200 sat in my account

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My response was primarily addressed to Aris.

But yes, I agree, four hours is long for a chat - for a regular ticket system it would be okay. And yes, Revolut does have support issues at the moment.

Again, constructive feedback is appreciated - ranting not so much.

If you offer something, do it like professional and dont come to me with (
If you dont like a service, dont use it. It is as simple as that.) If I post this no one will like they way you reply,. I Do not like support and now I dont like you who ever you are as your reply is not what company that is client oriented should answer I like the idea and the product ! But there is big differents between product and people that run the business .

When you have live chat, answer if client logins to ask, or say chat is offline.! when client ask questions on chat, reply on time not within hours, or without reply. There is money involved and you are not a bank, to trust we need to feel safe, when no one replies means the management of support team not properly managed, or you dont have staff to talk to your client. As result less trust , to some one like me that wants to add money and receive amounts of 10k 25k and 50 k to revolute from clients I work as adviser, and then use it to pay for all the expenses I have , I want to be sure I get information I need.

I was asking how I can receive money from my partners if they want to sent it by bank - They are from Dubai.

I was explained to check on app, but couldn’t find it. So it is third time I ask, and if you are still willing to help, explain me where I can find ( Iban , account number for them to be able to sent money to my revolute) Also I need document that prove that my funds are in bank!? I have no agreements of something saying that I have account. where is the money?


My response was polite and to the point. If you dont like it, thats up to you I am afraid. I dont owe you anything


I agree as far as a chat is concerned. For a normal ticket system the response times would be alright, Revolut chose a chat though and that should come with a more instant approach.

Again, if that is of concern, dont use the service. Criticism is welcome by everyone, rants not so much - but I think I already wrote that.

I am not sure what you didnt find.

Only support can help you in that regard.

Also I need document that prove that my funds are in bank!? I have no agreements of something saying that I have account. where is the money?

Try to answer this one.

The previous answers is waist of time for you and me - nothing from what you said was to help you client to understand how others can deposit to my revolute account or where is the money located once I top up my balance . This question is more important, and after the holidays I will contact barclays and loyds to find out how you cooperate with them , who regulates you and prove that this is business people can trust, if I find something that I consider scam or low protection for the cleint side I will find way to share with people or open the case against revolute, I have layers that can help, and they will be happy to contact financial authorities for this kind of matters. As a retail cleint from Europe I should have highest level of protection when I deal with companies Like yours, and now I dont feel that you are transparent, up to now.

I hope in your next email you will give me something real, or just ignore this email.

What is funny about this , I really want to know how good the company is and I advised it to may people , now that I get such response, I will dig more and i want to know better about what you people do.

All the best,

Please your name ans surname and position in the company.
Who is Ceo, and by who it is regulated?

License , company ID, Registered address, all the details.
Do you participate in investors compensation fund or any other protection schemes related to clients funds protection?

This is questions my layer asked me to ask you, and all other questions on previous email.






International Business Company(IBC)

@Aris1 your posting on a public forum, @alessandro and myself are regular users just like you…

Calm down and realise alessandro is being helpful, demand less and read FAQ more is my suggestion.

Oh and by the way don’t use revolut personal account for doing business - they will lock your account very quickly if so. If that is the case you need a business account.

In any case I need more info about the company.
why @alessandro

wasted his time and came with suggestions and act like he is one of the employees:) if you are not working for the company. all my questions are related to Revolute, and I complained about delay , and this made me think that something if wrong, when no reply on chats and ignorance.

I will wait for someone from revolute to reply.

How I can contact them directly?

I will receive important transactions for the services , and I want to know my protection, All I need

Good luck

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Allesandro didn’t say he works at revolut. In fact the first thing he said was if not like don’t use the service. Hardly something an employee would say right?

It’s the weekend and most of the :r: staff are probably not working, it’s a free service (unless you go premium), the company is still young. Never rely on any single bank, especially not a startup neo bank like :r: Always have a backup plan for money transfers / spare cards.

by the way.
they are not making money yet and they should have better support to new clients !!

up to now i have bad experience , but i like this app and the idea. I just need prove, abd better srvice. Comone sence ,nothiong special in what I asked them.

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1 500 000 users and quickly rising. The company isn’t yet 3 years old. You like the service, so do I and we are not alone…

All will be well in due time.

If this is public community then i want to adress all previous questions to the users? what they think ? are they happy with service and protection ?

I’m happy, some glitches and trouble topping up is all the trouble I’ve had. A few times the card didn’t work.

Other than that I’m a happy camper, what’s not to like about a free service like this? :slight_smile:

Security I don’t care about at this point, it’s not without risk but I don’t put more funds in than what i could bear losing.

:r: has applied for a banking license, once that is in place you can have funds security!

Quite happy. Haven’t had any problems.

I dont really care, my main point is not Alessandro , probably he is good man, and I have nothing against him. I just want more info about company that is in loss and reasons clients ignored, and details about my protection , and as much details about company!
I want to understand if this company has potential and I can use it for many transactions I have. I tried to sent money to friend that I referred it was so nice to sent money in second to him. That is why I am still here searching for info.

Very simple

Well your in the right place, check the revolut faq and lurk a bit in the forums if you want more knowledge. People here tend to be very helpful and most often you get if not a direct solution, at least tips for how to quickly get in touch with :r:

It’s that simple really