**Serious problem with debit card verification. WHY???*


I have just become a Revolut customer and topped up the account with a debit card payment. I have checked to see if the money is in Revolut. It is. But the app screen says “don’t forget to verify this card”.

I therefore followed the procedure given by Revolut itself on its FAQ page:

“To verify your top up card, just check your online banking and find a top up to Revolut which looks like Revolut1234. Next, go to the ‘Top up’ section on the app, tap the ‘info’ button beneath the photo of your debit card and enter the code here. That’s it!”

BUT. . . It isn’t. Having keyed in the correct code, my phone screen changes to some weird semi-frame in bright green with text saying ‘Hold your card here it will be automatically scanned’.

It doesn’t even say WHICH card should be held there (I’m assuming, it’s the debit card).

Doesn’t say HOW the card should be held.

Doesn’t say WHICH side of the card should face the screen.

Come on. This is no way to run a market stall, never mind a financial institution. Revolut is specifying a ‘verification’ system in its own customer FAQ. . . but then ADDING ON a further stage without proper guidance or explanation.

My wife and I are about to travel overseas and here I am with a Revolut app and an on screen message that repeatedly says: There was a problem with verifying your card.

Yet according to Revolut, I have ALREADY done everything required by inputting the 4-digit code from my bank account record.

So now what’s the situation ?? Is this card going to work overseas. . . or not??? None of this is my fault, as a customer. It’s entirely Revolut’s blatant failure to manage its customer communications.


Hey. The card verification process for top-up cards works in two steps. First, there is this number on your debit card account statement. This part works like adding a card to Paypal where they also send a code with the payment notification. The second step is taking a photo of the debit card you are about to add to your top-up cards itself that should show the number and the name of the card holder. This would be, in most cases, the front of the card. This step is taken to see if you are in the possession of the card. This is an automated process. If the photo you have taken was sharp and readable, you should be fine. Otherwise, you would get an information that your account was blocked for security reasons. You can then contact support and they can verify your card manually. They might ask you to deliver additional documents like an account statement with billing address or something.

If the app says that there was a problem with the card verification, I would contact support. It could be that the automated verification failed because of a blurry photo, not enough contrast or some missing information. The support can manually verify a card for you.


Hi Frank. I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand what’s going on here. In the UK, all financial institutions are obliged to communicate clearly and effectively.

Revolut has not done so. It would take no more than 5 minutes’ work for the Revolut online guidance to be updated so as to indicate to customers that debit card verification is a 2-step process, the first step being code entry, the second being debit card scanning.

How that scanning works would also be explained, viz: how to position the card; what side of the card should be held face down to the screen.

The first I learn of this is not from Revolut itself but from yourself, and I don’t know if you’re another customer like me and out of the goodness of your heart are offering help, or if you’re associated with Revolut support.

Just to clarify then: I am not actually adding a debit card, but using a debit card, the same card which I used at the time of account set-up to deposit funds. Now that I have my Revolut card, I have added further funds, and my phone screen now shows the updated total.

It was only then that I noticed the very small-print reference to ‘don’t forget to verify your card’. And then all this has happened. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t come even close to the banking standards expected by the UK regulatory financial authority.

Sincere thanks for your instant response, because it is appreciated. Could you perhaps do me a yet further favour by helping me understand how I can contact Revolut support? I’m on my desktop computer at home as it’s far easier for me to type, and to see what I’ve typed, in detailed correspondence like this.



Hi @Xantheum, I am a customer like you.

Okay. Let me add this: There is no immediate need to verify a card that you have added for top-ups and that you have successfully used to add funds to your Revolut card. The app will eventually tell you when it is necessary, which happens after a couple of successful top-ups (if I remember it correctly).

Here is what they write in the FAQs about the process:

Verifying your top up card lets us know that the debit card used to add money to your Revolut account is your own. We advice all of customers to do this on the app to help ensure your Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible.

To verify your top up card, just check your online banking and find a top up to Revolut which looks like Revolut1234. Next, go to the ‘Top up’ section on the app, tap the ‘info’ button beneath the photo of your debit card and enter the code here. That’s it!

So they do mention the code and the photo there :wink:

Sure, I agree with you that instructions could be a little bit more helpful and I am sure they appreciate your feedback to streamline the process.

I would contact support always first via in-app chat. That is the direct way. If you find typing on a desktop easier, you can contact them via Twitter and Facebook. Write them a direct message that includes the cellphone number you used to set up your account.


Hi Frank: once again, sincere thanks for that.

Clearly, there’s something wrong here. As you yourself can see, and have indeed reported above, the Revolut guidance refers ONLY to a single-step verification process which involves “tapping the info button beneath the photo of your debit card”.


That doesn’t say words to the effect: "If the image you see on screen isn’t actually that of your debit card, then you will need to proceed to the second stage of verification: placing your card face down (or face up) on the screen of your phone, at which point it will be automatically scanned by the Revolut app."

There is, as you obviously know, a world of difference between a reference in some text to a verification element “to be found under a photo” and an unambiguous statement that "you need to place your card on the screen for automatic scanning which will complete the verification process".

I’ve spent many years as a corporate / governmental communications adviser so I do know what I’m talking about – and especially where Best Practice codes of conduct are entertained by regulated sectors such as the financial.

The absolutely vital requirement to ensure complete provider / customer understanding is enshrined in many a measure, up to and including not letting a customer even proceed to the management of his or her online account unless they have first checked a box to confirm that they have read, and that they have understood, whatever message may have been posted by the financial institution on the preceding screen.

None of this seems to obtain at Revolut. I don’t know why. It is associated with Mastercard yet seemingly not associated with industry Best Practice.

And words can, literally, only fail at references to Twitter and Facebook in terms of customer advice and information: an age minimum of 18 applies to Resolut customers, and at the very least I expect this financial institution to behave in adult fashion and not think that its domestic, and prospective business, customers axiomatically have Twitter or Facebook accounts. . . because they don’t.

I’m going to raise this with Revolut itself in hope that what I’m confronting here are the teething troubles of a new enterprise which can, and definitely should be, quickly fixed.

The fact that I’ve had to come on here to discuss the situation with a fellow customer rather than an online Support department says all there is to say about worrying structural deficiencies.


Yes, I agree with you to some extend.

But having said that, I am a Revolut customer for over a year now, I was able to add and verify my debit card without problems and while you are not the first one here in the forum that has problems with the verification (for mostly unknown reasons), you are the first customer that states these strong opinions about their instructions for card verifications.

And I am sure they appreciate your feedback about this.

This aside, the way to contact is the in-app support. I mentioned Facebook and Twitter because you asked for additional ways and their team there can help in most cases very quickly. Also, Revolut team members are active in this user forum. You can write them a private message here or tag them to get their attention. They will come back to you.


Frank: I can’t really thank you enough for your kindness in sparing the time to help clarify matters. It is greatly appreciated.

As to Revolut, I doubt I’m alone in being drawn to a concept within which is embedded an ethos of the honest and the equitable. I decided to become a customer as much because of that appeal as the thought that the more Revolut can grow its customer base, the greater the presence – and the influence – it will have in the international financial sector.

I still hold to that view, though unfortunately have been inadvertently inconvenienced by Revolut itself today in my having to allocate time which I don’t have in abundance at the moment to this anomalous verification issue.

As noted earlier, I’m all too aware of the teething troubles that can affect any new enterprise, and it’s an unreasonable individual who expects 100% smooth running from the get-go.

The running where the debit card verification process is concerned should, however, be exactly that, seeing as you and I could together have revised that customer guidance FAQ in 5 minutes flat instead of it remaining in its un-updated state for what seems to have been an unconscionable length of time.

Anyway. Must get on! Again, sincere thanks for your help, and my own apologies to you for any inconvenience I may have inadvertently caused.