SEPA Transfers not allowed



i’ve been trying to top up via a transfer from NovoBanco in Portugal and it keeps saying its not valid. After talking with the bank they told me that the desteny bank may not have any agreement so they cant make the transfer. Is there any need for an agreement between banks so that we can use SEPA transfers, and will you have that agreement?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: My bank only asked for the IBAN and didnt accept the transfer anyway.


FinecoBank in Italy ( is also preventing SEPA transfers to topup the Revolut in EUR to the LT* IBAN EUR account on the grounds of a technical misconfiguration preventing the LT* IBAN is mismatching the UK-based BIC code (REVOGB21).

I did successfully manage to transfer to the same IBAN from ING Bank in Italy (


Nothing new… :wink:

You probably find something within these threads. Currently, Revolut tries to establish a quickfix, probably by using GB IBANs instead for the future.

In the meantime, you can find an alternative way to top up via SEPA in this thread, posted by Frank: