SEPA transfers DO work

Just some feedback about SEPA transfers, as a few people often claim theirs do not work. I have wired funds now for the third time and every time they showed up within one working day.

So I’d dare to confirm that Revolut does not have SEPA issues (well, except for when they change BICs :wink: ) and if there is a delay or the funds dont show up at all the problem is most likely either with the original bank or with the payment details - or, of course, that you ran into a limit.


I confirm.

I placed two transfers from my EUR account (IBAN GBxxxxx) on Revolut to my account (in EUR) in EEA (IBAN DExxxxx).

Both transfers arrived in the destination account within a few hours.

I have a standard account.

I wonder if this is the standard behavior of any SEPA Credit Transfer or if, for promotional purposes, Revolut is giving me the opportunity to try the so-called Turbo Transfers.

As far as I am aware there are no specific “Turbo Transfers” with EUR (SEPA) and GBP (Faster Payment) transfers.

“a few hours” on a working day sounds like normal SEPA turnaround times, but it always depends on how fast both sides process the transactions, can always be longer depending on the cut-off times.

Can confirm that too.
All my 40-50 Sepa Transfers since Nov 2017 from an to REV worked without any problems. I am using Accounts in GER, GB, LT, NL.
Transaction duration max 24 hrs, usually within 4-6 hrs, if order is placed on a working day and before 10 a.m.
Both directions!

Can confirm that too, I must have done ~30 or 40 SEPA transfers from and to Revolut since I opened my account, not one of them had a problem.
As said previously, on a working day it’s pretty fast and it takes around 6 hours, sometimes less. The longest I had to wait was maybe 2 days (placed on a weekend).