SEPA transfer to REVOLUT account not credited



A bank sent a SEPA transfer to my revolut euro account around December 15th 2017 and to this day it has not been credited to my revolut euro account.
I know it is similar to other posts, I only hope someone from the team will have a look into my situation.

I have contacted the sender and they assured me that from their side, the transfer looks completed on December 15th.
I got in touch with the chat support and they basically told me to wait more, and to ask the sender to start a recall procedure.
From the other similar posts, it seems that Revolut might be in fact able to sort this out, and hopefully someone can help me here :slight_smile:

Other than that it is great, only some times the card is not accepted in some gas stations or others of this kind.




It looks like we’ve managed to get in touch with you to discuss the issue now. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon! Please do contact us with any further queries you might have.


Oh nice, that would be great!
Please tell me if you need any more info.
I am not sure what you mean when you say you managed to get in touch with me, is that this forum post?
Thanks again


No I can see that an agent is in touch with you.


All right ok, I did get in touch with the chat support through the app yes, but that is what I mentioned, they only told me to wait and to ask the sender to start a recall procedure.
Fro what I have read on this forum, similar problems to this one were eventually solved by a member of the Revolut team.
I am not sure I can do much, this was a classic SEPA transfer, nothing unusual. The sender’s bank do not seem to think they are the one who should do something (I have to say, I would have been surprised otherwise :).


Hi Revolut!
Just to mention that the transfer still has not showed up on my Revolut account, after waiting an additional week…
Could someone look into the issue please?