SEPA transfer rejected


I am trying to transfer Euros from my CitiBank Euro account (a UK account). Just a test of 10 Euros to start with. The transfer is rejected with an RM code for ‘technical reasons’. Citi are unable to explain and it is not clear whether the problem is with Citi or the Revolut Lloyds receiving account. I have copied all the correct details for transfer together with my personal reference. Any ideas?


I have sent transfers from my Citibank Euro account to Revolut with no problems. Is your Citibank account in exactly the same name as your Revolut account, and are you doing this as a SEPA transfer? Also, did you add your unique reference code in the details for beneficiary field?



I had some issues with my SEPA transfer just now.
I have a EURO account in CitiBank Poland and want to transfer to Revolut Euro account.

  1. The. BIC code supplied in the app was not accepted. I found a workaround in the forums.
  2. I got charged for the transfer (I think by my bank though).
  3. Still have to wait and see if the transfer will work and if I get charged despite putting in the reference.