SEPA transfer not arrive after 3days

I have a problem with my SEPA transfer from the German bank account to my revolut. After 3 days the money is not arrive in my revolut account yet. what should I do? i am lost here! And revolut customer agent is very slow in responding


SEPA transfers can take some time, even though most of time they are very quick.
Did you use your personal EUR details ? (in your name, available in the app), or did you use the pooled account? If you used the pooled account, did you set the reference when doing the transfer?

I have a similar issue. Made a sepa transfer from UK to france on 27-08-2020 and money disappeared. Beneficiary band could not find the reference and the receipient is still waiting.

Hi All apologies if I am posting in the wrong place I can’t find a button to start a new thread. I have just joined Revolut and have created a SAR account. Can anyone tell me how I arrange salary to be paid into that account and should all iban numbers be the same for your different currency accounts. thanks

I’m having a similar issue here a tenant of mine send me the funds to my revolut account and it has passed a week and no funds. He provided my the MT-103 swift and Revolut is still not able to track it. The app chat gives a bit misleading information by adding another day everyday or sometimes asking to request a trace on the senders bank. The send already done it and told me that the funds have arrived 2 days after the transfer was made. Today is the 8th day.

I am in the same situation, waiting for a swift transfer more than a week and support saying track into the source bank.

Is there someone who can help me with the transfer delay

I have just discovered the transfer was denied by revolut, and they told me they dont know anything