SEPA transfer not arrive after 3days

I have a problem with my SEPA transfer from the German bank account to my revolut. After 3 days the money is not arrive in my revolut account yet. what should I do? i am lost here! And revolut customer agent is very slow in responding


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SEPA transfers can take some time, even though most of time they are very quick.
Did you use your personal EUR details ? (in your name, available in the app), or did you use the pooled account? If you used the pooled account, did you set the reference when doing the transfer?

I have a similar issue. Made a sepa transfer from UK to france on 27-08-2020 and money disappeared. Beneficiary band could not find the reference and the receipient is still waiting.

Hi All apologies if I am posting in the wrong place I can’t find a button to start a new thread. I have just joined Revolut and have created a SAR account. Can anyone tell me how I arrange salary to be paid into that account and should all iban numbers be the same for your different currency accounts. thanks

I’m having a similar issue here a tenant of mine send me the funds to my revolut account and it has passed a week and no funds. He provided my the MT-103 swift and Revolut is still not able to track it. The app chat gives a bit misleading information by adding another day everyday or sometimes asking to request a trace on the senders bank. The send already done it and told me that the funds have arrived 2 days after the transfer was made. Today is the 8th day.

I am in the same situation, waiting for a swift transfer more than a week and support saying track into the source bank.

Is there someone who can help me with the transfer delay

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I have just discovered the transfer was denied by revolut, and they told me they dont know anything


Hi, Andreas,

Could you please escalate that to the payment department? I would be so grateful. Thanks.





I have also an issue with a transfer from Revolut.

I have done many transfers between Revolut and my Swiss account and there haven’t been any problems until recently.

Last week on Monday, I transferred more than £23k. As the money generally arrives in a day, I started to be concerned after two days. I asked Revolut support and I was told to enquire with the recipient bank. The bank told me they rejected the transfer because of a mistake from Revolut. The money was immediately returned on Tuesday.

I asked for support again and I was told Revolut had not received the money yet, which was quite unnerving. I am now asked to provide an official record from my bank to locate the money.

I am pretty sure the money has been in the pooled account of Revolut for more than a week but was returned without a reference.

I have the same problem. I’ve sent money from Saxo Bank to Revolut more than a week ago, still not received it… I was chatting with 4 agents, still no solution. I have no idea what to do.

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I transferred USD 30k from a UK USD account with HSBC to Revolut USD. This was on 16 Nov and normally it takes a couple of days to arrive. 9 days later, it has still not arrived. I spoke to HSBC. They said Revolut have changed banking providers behind the scenes (from Barclays to Lloyds), so the Revolut USD account now has a different IBAN and they (Revolut) are rejecting inbound transfers to the old accounts. Apparently it will take around 2 weeks for the funds to be credited back to my HSBC account. An additional problem is that on the Revolut app, the IBAN for my USD account is still showing as the one I used for the failed transfer - it has not been updated. Not very impressive from Revolut

Update: according to Revolut chat, IBANs only changed for European residents (outside the UK), not UK residents, so they are investigating the failed transfer

I got an answer from Revolut agent to ask Saxo Bank to update their SSI. This sounds like a joke that customer (me) needs to do things like this. (btw stay away from Saxo Bank, their customer support almost not exists, they respond my mails once per 3 days)

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