I need urgent help looks like no one from the assistance is able to fix my urgent problem !!!
I have made a bank transfer of 1080€ from my French bank account not with Revolut to my GBP account with Revolut .

Well this money never arrived I am aware that I put my name as beneficiary and no reference on fact I didn’t know , the guy told me they located my transfer and it should arrive on my account in few hours but never arrived .

I don’t know what to do I am very disappointed with the service I can’t pay my rent now !!! I need help ! No one can help me !!
This transaction must be lost and it takes only few minutes to put it into my GBP ACCOUNT

Hello @Laura1 :slight_smile:

Why not the EUR account with the EUR IBAN? :frowning:

I would recommend getting in touch with :r: again through the support chat or through Twitter, as this forum is sometimes unmonitores during weekends

Thanks for the reply
Well I wanted to make it faster with the transactions …
The lady I have on the chat is not willing to close the chat so I can’t talk with someone else
Now she told me she’s waiting for the finance team they will be available at 2 pm U.K. Time …

Otherwise they can make a bank transfer to my French account and give me back my money … I am lost …

Hello again @Laura1

They should take about the same time, only that a EUR-EUR transaction is frictionless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Four hours sounds like a reasonable timeframe, and I personally believe waiting would be the ideal approach, but if you do not find it acceptable from them, you can always read their Complaints Policy

I will be waiting with the hope they can fix this problem I know this money must be allocated manually to my GBP ACCOUNT

Let’s hope it works out. And next time:

Transfers always in the same currency: use EUR to EUR. (Not EUR to GBP.) It’s different to traditional international transfers, where the receiving bank would exchange the money. Exchange happens within the app after a transfer with Revolut.

Check bank details before transfers. It is different for different currencies and might change, once you’ve “activated” your personal EUR account. Some transactions do need the reference code, others don’t. It is shown in the app for each currency you might initiate a transfer with.

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Thank you for the help Frank
And I hope they can help me with this problem ? Does anyone else you know had my same problem ? And how did it ended up?
I’ve always found Revolut efficient

Believe me, you’re not the first person to forget the reference code. But you might be the first that also mixed currencies. :wink:

It’s a highly automated process. And when something gets wrong and needs to be manually sorted out, it takes time.

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My God next time I’ll be so careful I’ll wait until 2 pm to see what they can do for me
In the meantime if it will take time I was thinking to top up with my French credit card the one which I have made the bank transfer to Revolut so I can have money again and pay my rent .
Will I get the money immediately right ? So I top up from EUR TO EUR or I can do EUR to GBP with credit card ?

Hey @Laura1 :slight_smile:

Exactly as @Frank told you,

So, top-up in EUR and then you’ll be able to convert it in the app or let it be automatically converted :wink:

Take into account topping up with a debit card is instant and free (except for USD, but that’s not your case), but topping up with a credit card will suppose a 1% fee :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much you should be at the help desk assistance !! :slight_smile:

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Yes. Top up / incoming transfers always and every time in the same currency. Also with cards. If you top up your GBP balance with a EUR card, you would have to pay foreign currency markups from your credit card because it would be like paying something with the card in GBP.

Yes, card top ups are immediate. But there might be a daily limit when you connect a new card.

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The support chat team usually does a fantastic job, @Laura1. I hope you have the chance to experience that someday :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m glad @Frank (and hopefully I) could help a little bit :blush:

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I hope so Julio ! I am waiting to get out from this night mare

@Laura1 i just wanted to ask if your problem was resolved?