SEPA transfer missing


I made a SEPA transfer on the 12/4 using the reference. It still hasn’t appeared in my account. Tried to reach a live agent but nothing happened, can somebody contact me?


You are aware that this transfer was initiated, in the worst case, just 1 day ago? From 12/4 to today, there were two days weekend and two bank holidays. Even under SEPA regulations, this is quite early for a complaint :slight_smile:


Fair enough, this is strangely long compared to all other transfers I’ve made. Including Wednesday, Thursday and today that’s 2.5 working days. I’ll wait and hopefully it’ll come through soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @AlexRevolut,

I can see a transfer into your account, are you waiting more than one?


Andreas K.


Support just put it through for me, thanks!