SEPA transfer from German bank failure, money lost somewhere and CS super slow

Hi Revolut community,

I transferred some money from my Commerzbank Germany to my revolut account on the 26th April, up until now the money is not in the account yet. It shown on my German bank statement that the money left already on the 26th April. I contacted CS and they pass me over to the investigation team. After I sent the proof of my transferred they don’t respond for 2 days and just let me waiting…and now after saw the proof they just said that the money is not in revolut yet (which is clear!) And they ask me to ask for MT103 code to my bank and will pass it to their another banking partner…This is taking so much time and energy.

Has anyone experience this madness?
Is revolut team can be trusted and reliable?
The service is very slow, and they just keep on repeating the same information again and again…


Where in Revolut did you send it to?

I sent it my own revolut bank account

Which one? There isnt just one. And which type, SWIFT or local?

SWIFT transfer, because my bank is in Germany. so Local is not the right
way to transfer to my revolut account.

No, that should have been the local one. They probably cant assign it because of this. Only support can help you in this case. They need to assign it manually.

Hi Alessandro,

When I put the local IBAN data, it is not possible on the transfer machine
from Commerzbank Germany.
I did several transfer through SWIFT IBAN Data, and all transferred to my
revolut account is fine. Only this particular transfer is lost…

Support can’t help that much, since they are very slow :confused:

As this is a valid IBAN you should be able to do so. You should contact your bank about that.

SWIFT might come with charges. Did you maybe forget about the reference number this time?

Unfortunately only support can help you in this case. You can try to reach out to them on Twitter or Facebook, maybe that will be a tad faster.

In Portugal there is the same issue with ATM machines only allowing national IBANs, but usually you can make the transfer to Revolut in the online banking.

SWIFT is unfortunately a last resort due to cost and unreliability