SEPA Transfer Fees

Once again, I am not able to open a topic so I am writing here hoping that is not too OT.
I have opened my account in UK so the main account is in pounds.
I have opened an EURO account which has a “GB” IBAN.
If I am receiving a SEPA payment from Italy into my EURO account, am I ( or who is sending money) encountering fees?
Thank you and sorry if this was asked before.


The UK is still member of the SEPA area.

The price list for your UK Revolut account should list fees for SEPA transfers. (They were free the last time I checked.)

The sending bank might charge you a fee — in line with regulations for SEPA transfers. Assuming SEPA transfers are the most cost effective option, make sure to send the money as a SEPA transfer and not as SWIFT, for example.


The SENDER needs to check what it will cost him/her with his/her bank.
Since the UK is only a 3rd party SEPA participant now, they are NOT bound by any price regulations anymore!

So the sending bank may very well be charging more for SEPA transactions to the UK than for SEPA transactions within the EEA region.

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I’ve read about this before, but it seemed to be limited to receiving a SEPA transfer from the UK. Source: Brexit loophole confirmed as cause of new UK-France Sepa bank fees

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ahhh Brexit… the gift that keeps on giving :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah, I’m pretty sure some banks already handle it like that, I know it for a fact for UniCredit Germany - They also sum that up nicely in some documents, may be interesting for some:

(Page 10 for example)

A little bit centric on their german branch of course but since the question was about Italy for the sending party and UniCredit being from Italy, one can assume Italian banks may handle it similar already.


Hi @geniaco :wave:

Thank you so much for your query, and thank you @Frank , @slz and @Graham_Lees for all your input.

Revolut will not charge you for receiving a transfer in your EUR account, even if your IBAN starts with GB. However, please check with the sending bank if they will be charging any fees from their side.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately Revolut will charge you if you want to send GBP to British bank if you aren’t based in GB… (even if you’re on Premium plan)

With Premium, 1 international transfer per month is free, no?

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No, not anymore

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I guess the time is over where Revolut kept prices harmonised. I did a quick comparison between UK prices and some other EU country. It seems, (some?) EU countries still have 1 transfer free of charge with Premium.

(That would be in line with the information the app shows me. When I initiate an international transfer, the app shows me “No fees”.)