SEPA transfer account name



If a make a SEPA EUR transfer from revolut to a business or person, will my name appear on the transfer to the receiver? Or will a Revolut holding account name be seen to the receiver?

Just need to check as the service i’m sending money to has to receive money from an account in my name.



Some report it does show as coming from an account in your name. However, when I made a test transfer it wasn’t…


Does anyone know if works for euro SEPA transfers to uphold or


I testet it immediately after I unlocked my personal IBAN - it didn’t show my name.
I testet it 2 Days ago - transfer was much faster than before and my personal LT IBAN as well as my name showed up.


Thanks, will give it a go with


Have you had any success with using Revolut with


The transfer was fine from the Revolut side, but it took nearly a month for to process the payment and for it to show up in my CEX account!


Ok thanks. Have you already tried sending back from to Revolut?