SEPA topup reference number



I need some clarification after 2 failed attempts to topup my Revolut account by SEPA (had to ask support to do the topup manually).

Last time I entered the ref number in the “payee” field, and it did not work…
I will do a third attempt putting the ref number in all available fields (i.e., “payer”,“payee”, “purpose”).

The thing that worries me is that I read in some obscure SEPA handbook that when the “intended purpose” field is filled the “payee” field transmission is NOT MANDATORY.
On top of that, in my bank SEPA form the “purpose” field is mandatory…

So, what options are still available to me to use the reference number in my SEPA topups ?

Please advise, thanks


Hi @ldelbuono,

This varies from bank to bank, it should be ok if you use “Purpose”. Usually there’s a field “Reference”

Purpose is reference :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


I have similar problem, if I put reference I get from app into SEPA reference, it doesn’t work.
If I use (as l I’m from Slovenia) SI reference model, i have to put 00 in front (or differnet numbers for differnet modes of ), and the last 2 digits of reference get cut off during the process (my statement lists reference correctly, but the transfer gets lost and I have to contact support). That’s kind of normal, as SI is only for SEPA payments within country.

But: if I use international RF model for reference, it says that the reference number is not OK (I’ve checked the standard and it is indeed not OK, check here:

So: how do I do it correctly, so I dont have to contact support every time?


jaka racman. si slucjno ze najdu odgvor na tvoje vprsanje?


Ne, nisem še našel … Na supportu pa ne vejo.


Hi everbody,

I simply forgot to write the reference number, as I did it way after having checked the procedure. What is the solution to get the money on my account?


Hey! Let me help everybody here. I’m a fellow Slovene who got it all figured out. :wink:

You have to use NRC as a reference model. By doing so the field named Purpose / transaction deadline (Slovenian: Namen / rok plačila) acts as a field where your reference number needs to be input. This works for me all the time.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Hi @Adgaz, you could write Revolut’s customer support (chat in the app), they can identify your money via the sender’s IBAN and allocate the money to your account.


Hi @Frank! Thanks for the answer! I figured out why I thought I could not access the chat, the menu hides the window to write the message…


Yep, @Frank is right, all you need to do is to contact our support and provide the bank transfer confirmation so we can locate the transfer with the sender’s IBAN :wink: