SEPA payment from GBP wallet



I was wondering if the following is possible: Top up my revolut using a national bank transfer in the UK, then use that GBP and convert it to EUR and send as SEPA payment.

If this is possible, can I please get instructions. Also what, if any fees will I have to pay?

Thank you!



Sure thing! Just follow the normal procedure to top up through UK bank account (take into account it’s not instant).

Then, when the funds are in your account, just click “Send” and select “To bank account”.

Add your recipient, choose the amount to be sent in EUR (or any other currency) and it will be automagically converted on the go. No need to convert it beforehand (the exchange rate will be shown when making the outgoing transaction) :smiley:

The bank transfer top-up is free, foreign exchange is also free up to 6.000€ and SEPA transfers are either free (standard) or paid (turbo)

Hope it’s useful :wink:


Thank you so much for that explanation!