SEPA Irish Transfer

Hi Revolut,
I’ve made a transfer from my irish bank account into my Revolut account on sunday. I made the transfer using the BIC and IBAN for my Revolut account. It’s now tuesday morning, the money has left my irish bank account but has still not arrived in my Revolut account yet. I was told that it was going to take one working day, I’m beginning to get quite worried now as 2 days have since transpired. Can you please look into it?



Also guys this is extremely important as I’ve a rent to pay and the deadline is today so i need this sorted ASAP!!!

Hi there. Transfers from within Europe can take up to 4 working days and those from outside Europe take 3-5 working days to reach your Revolut account. It can take longer from some countries so please be patient.

Thanks Andreas, so is there any definite date when this will come through because I have to let my landlord know

Sorry I’m not really happy with how this is being dealt with. I was told on my Revolut App that a SEPA Transfer will take up to 1 working day, now I’m being told it’s 4. On top of that, this money will eventually have to travel outside of the EU. So I could end up missing my rent installment by nearly a week?! Why advertise on the App that SEPA will arrive the next working day, and then tell me on this it’ll take 4?!


I have had this issue before too. Really poor to falsely advertise how quick the transaction will be, need to make it clearer how long it will take to transfer money. Hope you manage to get sorted with your transaction and the lack of clarity doesn’t affect your rent!!!

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Hi Darrah,
I’ve just started using Revolut and have experienced a similar problem. I transferred money five days ago into my Revolut account, and it’s still not been verified and I can’t access the funds. I think Revolut are just sitting on the money somewhere. In fact I haven’t had any meaningful response from the help chat.

I wish you all the best with them. I’m not sure what to do next about mt case.



Hi Tom,

Yeah it’s an absolute joke. No doubt our money is sitting in an account somewhere so they can get some interest on it for a few days. Bloody joke, last time I use it for this kind of service. hopefully we get sorted soon.



Hi Darrah,
I know, totally unacceptable. I thought Revolut would be an improvement on the other banks. So far not good.

I wanted to give Revolut a chance before going to the media, unfortunately because of the silence from Revolut I am running out of options.

Stay in touch


This is information is also on our FAQs. EUR transfers can take up to 4 days.

So why is it advertised at the BIC and IBAN homepage that it’ll take up to one business day?! Which can i take as the truth?

Patience guys and girls… May, 1st is a bank holiday in the SEPA region, so no SEPA wire transfer transactions today, like at all.

A SEPA transfer scheduled on sunday will have been processed by the outgoing bank on monday and one business day from monday is wednesday this week because of the bank holiday today.

So, in case the OP has used the correct SEPA IBAN, the money will most likely in his Revolut account tomorrow, provided that he used the correct, local, personal Revolut IBAN and there is no other problem.

If the money isn’t in the Revolut account by wednesday evening, then I’d start to worry though.

Everything else discussed here is a different problem (Account not verified etc.).