SEPA Instant Payments - now live

@AndreasK any updates?

Take a look here every once in a while. They publish lists with ETAs.

To send it. Most real banks DO offer it, but what he/she meant, I think, is that most banks do not offer it for free. In Germany for example I think the only traditional bank that offers SEPA instant transactions for free is the german branch of Santander, all other traditional banks charge money for sending a transaction as a “fast” or instant transaction. Only normal SEPA transactions are usually free (and even there not always with some banks).

More and more fintech banks on the other hand, like bunq, offer all transactions (when the other bank allows it - but most do) as instant transactions without additional cost.

Sparkasse Karlsruhe does not charge for SEPA Instant Transfers. So much to your theory :wink:

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Okay, so apparently some Sparkassen do it as well.
Good to know.

Doesn’t change the fact that most of them (Sparkasse Nürnberg for example charges 12,50 EUR for Instant SEPA/ SEPA Eilige Überweisung), and even most traditional ‘direct banks’ do Not offer them for free. -_-

Seriously, 12.5 EUR is a bit steep isn’t it?
I’d much rather pull out a creditcard then and get benefits, buyers safety etc AND to no special cost to me…

If SEPA inst. transfers is going to fly they have to make fees on par with ordinary SEPA or it will die due to low interest and that would be a shame.

12.5eur for single sepa inst transfer ?? That’s insane price.

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Insane, yes.
But sadly it is the case.

See for yourself. It is page 13 here:

And sure, that is a single extreme case, most other traditional banks charge less.
But most DO charge. And even paying 0,50 - 1 € per instant transaction, while a “regular” SEPA transaction is all inclusive in the same model, doesn’t incentivise people to use it.

I think the reason for this is that there is German legalisation on normal SEPA transactions, which limits what banks can charge, but not on the Instant ones yet, enabeling them to do this stuff. IDK for sure though.

Be carefull. Dont mix this with “Telegrafische Überweisung” This is from the past and some “Sparkassen in Deutschland” still offer this. But, 50 Mio Customers of the german Sparkasse can use SEPA Instant payment already. And, of course, my Sparkasse offer this for free. Commerzbank soon for 1.50 EUR or for free if you do use tha App.

And, the 12.50 at Sparkasse Nürnberg belongs to the Bank Account. It is “up to 12.50” Ok, the price is **** but with the Bank Account Premium SEPA Instant Payment is for free.

Doesnt matter now. Both need to support SEPA Instant payment (Sender and Rec) and Revolut doesnt offer SEPA Instant. My last information about this “it is not planed right now” from the Revolut SUpport

Many times with wrong data. For example Commerzbank Germany.
Still not possible to send, but it is possible to receive. ETA for SEPA Instant Payment is now October 2019 the PDF on the website says “possible since Nov 2018” lol

Osuuspankki is the biggest bank in Finland and have 40% of Finlands population as their customers and they just recently enabled incoming and outgoing Sepa instant payments without any extra charges to all customers.

I would really like to see Revolut accepting incoming Instant payments from Osuuspankki (OKOYFIHH) accounts.

Instant is instant 24/7 so weekends are instant too! It is a really good feature to have.

Currently I cannot top up my Revolut from Osuuspankki during weekends at all as Sepa instant is not supported by Revolut, so it is really needed if Revolut wants to stay as good as these old banks!


Remind me, does Revolut ever promised to support sepa instant tranfers? I hope they will when start to use bank licence.