SEPA Instant Payments - now live


Oh this sucks, you’d think that Deutsche Bank would have this service available


No, you can read the press release of “Sparkasse”.
July 2018, not February 2018.


Deutsche Bank doesnt have a schedule for 2018 (private customer)


This doesn’t surprise me.


Okay. A Sparkasse employee told me Feb. But we were talking about Kwitt in particular. Could be a limited roll-out for Kwitt before.


Here is the overview.


I’ve just got confirmation that some Sparkasse branches execute Kwitt transfers already (since Nov.) as SEPA instant payments.


Kwitt is “Shit”, its like PayPal and only for small money. Its for, sharing the price of a Pizza with your friends. No instant available money. Its like a PayPal Transfer between two paypal accounts.


Well, I know what Kwitt is. That’s not the point. The point is that Kwitt already uses SCT inst. The transfers are instant then. Not all 400 Sparkasse branches are on board, but Berliner Sparkasse for example is.



any news about thes? SEPA Instant Payment with Revolut?


But, would be a good customer “benefit”, because no Debit / Prepaid Card is offering this right no. Instant top-up payment only by “expensive” Giropay / Sofortüberweisung or similar like this.

Top-up 24/7 from a bank-account instant…


Finally central bank of Portugal approve SICOI (SEPA Instant Payments).

SEPA Instant Payments - now live

Only waitng to know the banks that will implement


in my book giving away your bank credentials is a bad idea, regardless whatever convenience the third party’ service might offer. i.e. using SOFORT is a bad idea.


But regardless how the system behind it works, you can make instant topups with it and for some people who need urgent topups could this be an option. I had never problems with SOFORT / Klarna and see no reason why you shouldn’t trust them since they just save what they are forced to because our local law.


debit cards also give you instant top up but without giving anyone access to your bank account


Some banks print the IBAN of the associated bank account and not the card number on the card (at least in Switzerland and Germany)
I actually didn’t know that one can pay online with debit cards before I knew about Revolut.


Please check this post