SEPA Deposit from Bitstamp under review, just before holiday

Just received a cashout from Bitstamp which aimed to be the money for the holiday that I’m leaving in on 17 January and for the first time after using Revolut since March, the notification appeared as I have received x amount and it will be credited after review. Does anyone know how much time does this take? How can I speed up the things? I really wanted to use Revolut in my trip to Sri Lanka. Suppot told me “I have reached to our relevant team to speed up the case - I’ll inform about further outcome” but nothing more. Please help. @AndreasK / @anon71086934 .

P.S.:At least tell me if it takes long so I fund the account for the local bank to have money in the holiday…

Did anyone have this issue? How long did it take?


Whoa! Only 3 hours after the first notification, my transfer has been completed. Revolut exceeded my expectations tbh. Good job!

I thought Revolut had stopped accepting deposits and being able to transfer money to Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin exchange accounts?

This is certainly the case in respect of Kraken.

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Yeah. They stopped accepting deposits from Kraken and some other small exchange. They still accept from Bitstamp and Coinbase (not sure about the latter because I am not using it). I don’t see why they wouldn’t accept. This exchanges have strong KYC in place. It’s not my case but I do not think you can withdraw from these exchanges without being a verified client.