Sent money to wrong account

I sent money to the wrong account via transfer - the account number was wrong. What do I do? I tried to contact Revolut but have not heard back. I am extremely concerned.


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Hey zkvance

When did you contact support, it can take a little time to get a hold of an agent. Also have the transfer been executed yet, if it have not then they can cancel it easily.

It has been executed - I only realized when I didn’t see the money in the other account. Is that still reversible? I contacted support recently.

I’m realizing it probably should have failed as the account number given did not have the right number of digits.

If the account does not exists etc. Then it might be sent back automatically

Thank you - do you have any sense of how long an automatic failure would take?

Sorry not really. Would not be surprised if it took a week or more.

Thank you for your help! Very kind of you to respond given you don’t work for revolt

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Are you referring to a transfer out or in?

I have the same exact issue. Did you ever receive the money back?

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Transfer out of England . How long will it take to get this money back in my account?

I see that your message is very recent . Please I sent money to wrong account today and I have made complaints. How long will it take to get the money back because I am really in need ?