Sent money to USD business account 10 days ago. Still have not received. Waiting for 72 h, still no answer from support.

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you should (also) ask the sender institution to trace it. did you include the reference number? don’t forget the USD IBAN is polled (shared).

if your chat session is assigned to one of tge specialised teams the normal business support team can’t see what you write.

if you don’t get an answer here from @anon33247966, @rafael_revolut or, @olga_revolut contact revolutapp on twitter or facebook and they will quickly get someone on the chat for you.

they will need the detailed transfer info from the sender.

Good day!

Enclosed please find copy of payment order and SWIFT-massage for this payment.



Hello @rinpoche :wave:

As previously advised by my colleague, the chat was escalated to the onboarding queue. I’ve asked our chat support team to attend to your query now. My colleague will be with you shortly.

Kind regards,

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