Sent money from Payeer to Revolut Mastercard


I sent money from my Payeer account (in USD) to my Revolut card (in GBP), using only my Revolut front card number and name.

I’m based in the UK. Will I still receive this payment or will it bounce?

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.


Hi, did it work?? I too have the same circumstances as you, uk resident/bank account and have money in Payeer in USD. I am so bloody frustrated with Payeer, they can’t now do transfers into my HSBC account because swift payments are down and have been for a while (technical problems) and then they’re card provider said it’s no longer valid. I never even used the bloody thing and it cost $9.95!!
I send them messages saying how the hell do I get my money out (it ended up on there through some crypto stuff I did) but now I just want it out. All you ever get from them is general fluffy answers and nothing specifics they sent me a link to transfers and then sub menu say’s ‘banks’ then masterc ardmy HSBC Account only has a Visa card. I have a revolut card with a MasterCard. So if I entered the card numbers on it has it got any hope of reaching it. Their website/ app interface is just rubbish and in terrible English like most of their replies. I am at my wits end with them and worried that this $3700 is just lost forever.
How did you get on? Any help gratefully received.


Hi, the money did go through in the end although it was a hassle. Firstly I
asked support who said it would bounce, then my account got locked. Turns
out they were wrong as it went in my account after it was unblocked.


Hi Chris,
Thanks very much for your reply. Well this is promising!
Can you remember specifically how you did it? Was it transfers > Banks and the only choice after that is MasterCard? Be grateful for some specifics that Payeer just don’t seem capable of giving.
Why the suspension of account also??


No problem, yes I requested that Payeer pay me via card and then entered
the revolut card number. My account was blocked because of the payment I
think. It was unblocked after I explained what it was from.

Bear in mind this was with a small amount, not sure I’d want to risk it
with a larger amount as its not officially supported.