Sending USD to non USD country


I want to send USD to a USD account in Russia.

Would this be treated as a ruble transaction or can it be USD throughout and hence not incur ruble charges (if there are any?).

Thanks for any help


Just send USD dollars ,can’t see problem regards that ,cause it’s USD account.
Tough there will be some fees ,since it’s a swift transfer :slight_smile:


Thanks Ares.

What are the Swift fees?

Basically, I am looking for the cheapest way to send money to Russia. Thanks again.


Not so sure ,they can vary …
Seen rough guidelines,but can’t find them.
Around 20-40$ i would say.
Haven’t done swift transfers myself.


Many thanks Ares.

At those rates it is not worth my while using Revolut as I am only sending a small amount of money. I shall use a different method.

But, again, thank you for your kind help


On small amounts it might be different,but not sure :slight_smile:
What sort of amount you thinking to send?


How about a different method. With Revolut it seems that you can send to someone without a revolut account as per this video

Would this work for sending USD to Russia? How does the Russian person receive the money? Thanks again.

I want to send about £100 (GBP)


Don’t know how it works :frowning:

Maybe @AndreasK can help you :+1:


Thanks Ares. Neither do I !

All the best


At second 37 it does state that the recipient will need to fill in the bank details, which will most likely end up with a charged SWIFT transfer as well.


Hi there.

If you don’t know the recipient’s bank account details, you can send a payment link via the Revolut app so they can enter their own bank details.
Tap the pink button on the main navigation screen in the app and select ‘Send money’. Select your contact you would like to transfer money to and add the amount you would like to send. You can choose the currency by clicking on ‘GBP’ and selecting ‘GBP’ , ‘USD’ or ‘EUR’ or tap other to choose one of the other 23 currencies we support for transfers.
When you tap next, this will generate a payment link which you can then copy and send to your contact via e-mail, WhatsApp or so on. You can also choose to automatically SMS them the payment link. The recipient then has 24 hours to collect the money by clicking on the link and entering their account details.
If 24 hours elapse and the person hasn’t collected the money, the funds will be reverted back to your Revolut account. You can cancel the transfer before the recipient accepts it by clicking on the transaction in your Revolut wallet and selecting ‘Cancel payment’.


Correct me from wrong, but in order to claim the money sent like that (, you have to actually create a Revolut account or am I mistaken?


This is not :slight_smile:

The recipient has 24 hours to collect the money by clicking on the link and entering their account details.


Hmm. OK maybe I’m doing it wrong. (I have to translate all this is to English, so I hope it makes sense)
I go to:

  • Payments (middle button at the bottom of the app, with the two arrows)
  • Send money (Pink colored font)
  • Create Payment link
  • enter amount, currency and a note

The app creates a link “”, which I can share

If my friend now clicks on that link, he has to enter the country and then his mobile number. After that, he receives a code via SMS.
After he enters that, the website only says “Great, just create a Revolut account to receive your €5 instantly!. We’ve sent you a text message with a link to download the app”

There’s nowhere to enter the payment data without creating an account.
Where did I go wrong @AndreasK


Can you please explain if this process uses ‘Swift’ for sending USD to Russia? (they have a dollar account in Russia). Because if it uses Swift then are the charges relatively expensive for sending a small sum of money ? Or not?

If not using Swift then what are the charges?

Many thanks


You can find more info on how international money transfers work here:


I guess @rm1’s question is how the transfers in question work in the first place. As they require the recipient’s bank details they will be most likely regular SWIFT transfers and hence incur the same charges.


@AndreasK I’ve created a suporrt ticket concerning my question. Maybe they can shed some light on that matter :slight_smile:


The is a feature that allows you to receive funds from non Revolut users. What I suggest here is the opposite. To send funds to a non Revolut users via Revolut.


Yes understood. I wanted to try the same but it doesn’t work without creating a Revolut account to get the money